I ordered goods from China, but parcel was lost or damaged. Can I claim compensation from China Post?

When shopping from China online sellers,  sometimes parcel might be lost or damaged during shipment. Many users ask us how to claim compensation from China Post.

The answer is : You can not claim compensation from China Post DIRECTLY. You need contact seller for compensation.

The reason is simple, China Post ONLY has shipping contract with SHIPPER(seller) not  receiver(buyer).  The parcel ownership  and risk all belong to shipper before it is delivered to receiver.

So if the parcel is lost, China Post will compensate the money to shipper not receiver. In short words, China Post is ONLY responsible for shipper not receiver based on contract law.

Then how can buyer to get compensation in case of parcel lost or damage?

The answer is to ask for compensation from seller. You paid money to seller and get the promise to get the goods delivered to you in seller promised time. In other words, if you can not get the goods in time, you have  the right to get your money back from seller.

However, things have never been so easy. Many bad sellers take advantage of buyer’s limited knowledge and refuse to compensate money to buyer. To make things worse, many cheaters intentionally ship some trash item or empty parcel to a wrong address. When seller ask them where is my goods? They use China Post as excuse and ask buyer contact China Post for goods and refuse return money.  Then you might spend a lot of time but get result. Finally when you find you are scammed, you have wasted precious time to report fraud and get money back.  On the other hand, these cheaters have already closed their website and online shops and disappeared.

Buyer should be very carefully and stay away such scam website and sellers.

Actually if you buy from those big name website such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, WISH etc, they all have something called buyer protection policy. Such policy will guarantee that buyer can get money back if seller can not prove the goods has been properly delivered to buyer. Remember, it is seller’s burden to prove that the goods has been delivered to seller.  Seller no need to prove that goods has been lost or returned to seller.

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