What should I do if my parcel address is wrong?Can China Post change the address for me?

Many users may have such situation that after they ordered something online from China seller, they want to  change the address and ask if China Post can do this for them.

The answer is No. China Post can not change anything in the parcel. However , if the parcel has not been shipped yet, you can try to contact shipper to amend the address. On the other hand, if parcel is on the way, nobody can change the address anymore.

What happens if parcel arrived destination with wrong address? here is the answer:
If parcel wrong address exists, the parcel will be delivered to that wrong address by destination country local post service(USPS in US, Canada Post in Canada, Royal Mail in UK etc.).

If the wrong address does not exists, thing might become a little bit complicated and depending on destination countries’ local post service term.

In most countries’ local post service, like USPS, Royal Mail,Canada Post,Australia Post etc, they will simply return the wrong address parcel to original country(China,Singapore etc). If China Post receives the return , China Post will try to find the original shipper if he/she have address in the parcel, otherwise the return will be discarded.

But in some small and far away countries, return shipping cost is very expensive, so they might just discard the wrong address parcel if none pickup the parcel within  free  storage time.

If I have moved to new address, but my parcel has not arrived yet. Can I ask post office to send my parcel to new address?
In most countries, the answer is No. The parcel will be delivered to your old address, you need ask someone in old address to accept the parcel for you.
However, in US, Canada, UK and Australia, local post office often provided a parcel forward service. You need bring your ID and some proof that you own the old address before.  Then you can pay to local post office and forward all future incoming old address parcel to new address.

In any case, wrong address will cause many inconvenience for shoppers. So our suggestion to you is  to be careful at writing shipping address when placing order!