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Author Topic: Need urgent help with packages returned to sender from China customs (canada post)
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Post Need urgent help with packages returned to sender from China customs (canada post)
on: May 10, 2024, 03:02
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Around 4 months ago I sent out 5 pretty heavy load packages to the country where I reside in right now (not in China) because I was moving out of Canada. Three of them arrived safely two months ago, but the remaining two is suddenly being "returned to sender"? I am so confused, I called the customs in China (specifically CNSHAA, where it was sent back from) and asked about it, but they said that there was nothing like that and that it would arrive to its destination soon.

A month after this conversation I receive an update saying the packages are back in Richmond and is being "presented to review"? I really need to talk to someone and try and sort this situation out or at least get a clearer idea on what I am supposed to do next. It is really confusing and stressful because, like all packages, they are super important and the content of the packages that did arrive are basically the same as the ones they returned so I truly don't understand. I'm having a bit of a hard time because I paid so much and I have no one I can call or receive help from in Canada, what am I supposed to do now?

Is it possible to at least change the delivery address and receive help from the post? I have an address in China and I saw that my package is with both Canada Post and China Post, so I'm wondering if there is a phone I could call (I speak Chinese) to get help on this issue?

I know its a strange situation but please help.

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