My parcel has arrived destination country for long time without delivery, why?

If your tracking results shows the parcel has arrived destination for long time, but does not have delivery information, normally this means the parcel has delivery problem.

If your parcel is going to China, it may be caused by following reason:

  • The address is so called self-made address which can not receive parcel from China Post.  In China,  many newly-developed area does not have official street name or street number. So residents in such area will create some self-made street name and street number to help people find them.  China Post will not deliver parcel to such self-made address.
  • The English address can not be translated into Chinese address properly and therefore can not be delivered. Please noted that NOT every Chinese address has standard English translation and NOT every Chinese postman can read English. So we strongly suggest you to write Chinese Address in your parcel when you ship goods to China.
  • The address has security system which does not allow postman to enter.
  • The recipient is not available in the address when postman tried to make delivery.
  • The recipient refuse to accept the parcel.some people reject parcel in order to avoid refund or order payment.

You have to contact recipient and ask him to call china post 11185 and pickup the parcel. If recipient does not contact China Post to pickup the parcel for a specific time frame, the parcel might be returned to shipper or sold/destroyed by China government.


If the parcel is shipped from China to your country, the failure delivery reasons might be as following:

  • The address ,city or post code is wrong.
  • The import customs does not release the goods
  • The postman has sent the goods to your mailbox or front door and you have not checked yet.
  • The recipient is not available in the address when postman tried to make delivery.
  • The parcel address has no P.O Box number . This is most common return reason for parcels to U.A.E

Remember that China is a member of Universal Postal Union(UPU), its parcel will be delivered by the UPU member in your country. In most cases, this UPU member is your country’s postal service provider or postal company. So if the parcel has delivery problem in your country, you should contact your local post office and inquiry parcel delivery detail.