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Author Topic: Where is my order?
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Post Where is my order?
on: July 29, 2016, 15:10
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Hello! I take time waiting for an order. The order number is RN629018962CN and was sent through fuse on behalf of Miriam Dominguez Rodriguez fashion. I talked a while with fuse fashion and told them to change the delivery address me since I no longer live in the same household, and provide them with a new delivery address. Fashion fuse told me not to worry, that would rectify the direction and wait, since they had returned to China. I looked track my order on your website and puts the last thing is this: 02/22/2016 11: 51: 07.0 Wuhan station 金 家墩 发 投 delivered, so apparently has not been returned to Spain. I wonder what happened with my order and if I are going to send to the new address. I can not contact fuse fashion as they have closed the web and puts you back soon. I waited a while and the web is still closed and the only way to locate my request is through you. Please I want to get my order as soon as possible.
If you need to send them back to the delivery address please notify us.
Thank you for your attention and I hope your answer.

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Post Re: Where is my order?
on: July 29, 2016, 15:20
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1. This is the full tracking of your parcel:

China Post Register Air Mail Tracking System
Parcel No.RN629018962CN tracking result
2015-12-15 11:19:39.0 Wuhan process center received
2015-12-15 15:20:31.0 Wuhan process center customs scan
2015-12-15 18:14:01.0 leaving Wuhan process center ,next station international 营运
2015-12-17 09:14:40.0 Wuhan Transit Station export security scan
2015-12-17 09:31:17.0 Wuhan Transit Station export customs scan (domestic transit )
2015-12-21 03:54:18.0 Beijing Transit Station export security scan
2015-12-21 12:45:41.0 Beijing Transit Station export customs cleared
2015-12-21 22:32:00.0 arrive Beijing Airport
2015-12-21 22:36:09.0 leaving Beijing Airport going to next airport/seaport
2016-01-04 07:46:00.0 arrive Spain delivery office
2016-01-04 18:26:00.0 Spain Post Office attempt delivery
2016-01-26 13:48:00.0 leaving Madrid
2016-01-26 14:32:00.0 Madrid export customs cleared
2016-02-18 08:53:19.0 Beijing Transit Station import customs scan
2016-02-18 15:28:44.0 Beijing Transit Station import customs cleared (domestic transit )
2016-02-21 10:10:23.0 Wuhan Transit Station import customs scan
2016-02-21 11:18:39.0 Wuhan Transit Station import customs cleared (domestic transit )
2016-02-22 06:23:31.0 arrive Wuhan 金家墩发投station delivery office
2016-02-22 07:50:51.0 Wuhan 金家墩发投station attempt delivery
2016-02-22 11:51:07.0 Wuhan 金家墩发投station delivered

2. Because the parcel was not able to be deliver in Spain, Spain post Office return the parcel to the sender.

3. Unfortunately China Post has nothing to do with your parcel anymore. It was return back to China and was deliver by China Post to the sender of the parcel. It's up to you and the seller to find out a way either to get your parcel or your money back.

4. I suspect strongly that you just lost the money you paid for your parcel.

Sorry I could not help you more then that.

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