Why tracking results shows “No shipping record”?

If you track the number in track-chinapost.com but the result shows as “No shipping record” , it means the seller(shipper) gave you an unused(invalid) tracking number which does NOT associated to any shipped parcel in china post tracking database.

The reasons might be as following:
1)The tracking number is not from China Post. China Post tracking numbers must be 13 digits and end with CN. Check all China Post tracking number format and meaning in following link:

2)The number is fake.

3)The seller just shipped the goods within passed 48 hours, china post has not yet updated the parcel information.

4)The seller did not ship the goods for some reason, for example “no stock” but plan to ship it later.

To understand above three points, one must know how tracking number works:
Actually anyone can get a unused tracking number label from China Post very easily and free. A tracking number is invalid and non-trackable until this tracking number is attached to a parcel and sent to China Post.  So many cheaters gave an unused tracking number to paypal/ebay/aliexpress just to fulfill the payment requirements.

As many marketplaces such as ebay and aliexpress require that seller should ship the order within 24 hours of payment, many sellers might upload an unused tracking number to ebay/aliexpress in order to avoid punishment. Later, when the seller has restocked inventory, he will use the same tracking number to ship the goods and the number become trackable in track-chinapost.com within 48 hours of the actual shipment date.

What should I do if I got “Success find: 0 items!” or “China Post has not received the parcel”?
If you just got the tracking number within 48 hours, you might need to wait two more days until the database is updated by China Post.

If you got number over two days ago, you might need to contact seller and ask him for real shipment date and real tracking number. Tell the seller that your want to see the parcel number be trackable within next 48 hours in track-chinapost.com otherwise you will open dispute. Normally seller will give you a new tracking number or the real shipment date or a future planning shipment date which can be verified later in  track-chinapost.com .

If seller still gives you misleading shipping information or not even reply you, you have to open a dispute to ebay/aliexpress/paypal and claim refund. You can also report scam and/or leave negative feedback on the cheater.