China Post Parcels to Israel are seriously Delayed

According to our service records, a lot of China Post parcel shipped from Beijing to Israel during Nov and Dec 2012 are seriously delayed. We have contacted China Post and told them the customers’ concern. China Post is still contacting Israel Post and waiting for feedback.

3 thoughts on “China Post Parcels to Israel are seriously Delayed

  1. hi, I would like to know when I sent the parcel no.RC056378218CN
    since you arrived in Milan on 11.13.29

  2. hi

    i was sent a parcel from china to israel begining of september and has not arraivd yet

    iv waited alond time for this and could not cntact china post for answers
    please help me find my parcel
    tracking no. is :RB255981453CN

    please reply

    yael raeburn

  3. Hello, Happy New Year.
    I’ve one problem, I’ve bought at ebay 2 coat from different seller and there were shipped by different tracking number. I can post these tracking numbers: LK875374873CN; and LK875375397CN;

    delivery address is: USA;
    New Castle;
    26 parkway circle unit 4;
    Caamartec LLC B4006;

    please review this information I need this items very much

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