What can I do if tracking shows “Rejected by Safety Check Point” or “Safety Check Rejected” ?

People sometimes will see tracking result shows “Safety Check Rejected” or “customs rejected” or “rejected”. This is usually caused by following two reasons:

  • the forbidden item in the parcel such has cell phone,ipad,speaker etc(Check China Post forbidden item list here). If your parcel has item in the forbidden list, you can not get the goods anymore. You must open dispute to seller and claim refund.
  • Occasionally parcel might also be rejected by machine mistake. This often happens to cell phone cases, toys etc which looks like some forbidden item.If the rejection is found a mistake. It could be resubmitted to safety check point again after a period of time. The rejection-resubmit procedure might repeat many times. So if the parcel is rejected by mistake, the parcel has good chance to arrive in future, but it will still be seriously delayed.

    If you believe you parcel has nothing in China Post forbidden item list, you can wait 2 to 5 more weeks (but never pass ebay/aliexpress/amazon buyer protection due date). If your buyer protection is expiring and your parcel has not arrived, you should open dispute for lost parcel asap.