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on: January 5, 2023, 00:56
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I thought I was more savvy than this but I decided to take a chance on this small seller I found through Google Shopping. You buy a nice electronic toy way below market price, they send you a China Post tracking number, and then you receive a cheap piece of jewelry with the tracking number on it.

The address on their website is fake, the "reviews" on their website are obviously fake, and they went through the trouble to create a YouTube channel and Facebook page.

I have already reported them to:
Their website provider
My credit card company
Google Shopping
The US Federal Trade Commission
Their domain registrar

And now here so that Google will pick up their domain name for anyone else who searches for them.

My credit card company said that the money went to the United Kingdom so I'll probably figure out how to file reports there as well.

Update: I did find that the UK has a Cyber Crimes website where you can report these scammers.

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